Stalyhill Infant School
  • Stalyhill Infant School, Stalyhill Drive,
  • Stalybridge, SK15 2TR
  • 01457 763 598

School Improvement Priorites 2017 2018

The School Improvement Plan has evolved from:


  • Previous OFSTED Inspection Report

  • Raise Online

  • The school’s self-evaluation [SEF]

  • In-school assessment and target setting information.

  • Feedback from Parents’ Questionnaire   

  • Feedback from Pupils’ Questionnaire   

  • Feedback from Staff Questionnaire 

  • The need to address local and national initiatives


    The Headteacher, SLT, staff and governors have discussed, prioritised, time scaled and priced the key issues for development in this plan.  For each area for development, the plan details:


  • The action to be taken

  • Who is responsible for each action

  • Who will monitor the process and how will it be carried out

  • The timescale involved

  • Costs and resources

  • Success criteria

  • Evaluation