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Miss Dixon

Friday 10th July 


Dear Children,


How are we all feeling this week? I hope you are all well and are continuing to enjoy our chocolate themed lessons and activities.

Whilst at school this week I have been thinking about each and every one of you lots and lots. I feel sad that I won’t get the opportunity to see you all in our classroom again. I am also disappointed that I won’t be able to listen to your enthusiasm, laughter and ideas like I did when we were last learning together in March. However, I know that it is more important that you all continue to be safe and well at home with your families.


To cheer myself up I have been thinking about what I can do to help prepare you and your new teachers for your next adventure over at the juniors. I have arranged to speak to your new teacher so that I can tell them all about what helped you to settle when you first came into Year 2. I also can’t wait to tell them how amazing you all are and which activities and lessons are your favourite. I will be telling them what resources and strategies help you with your learning and anything I feel you need a little bit more practise with to ensure you get all the support you need.


Your new teachers have also been thinking about you too! They are busy preparing letters, photographs and a video to help you become familiar with your new classroom, school and teachers.

I know the thought of moving to the juniors may seem a little scary right now but please don’t worry. Your new teachers are lovely and together we are doing everything we can to make your transition to the juniors as smooth and as happy as we can. I will be here for you so please email me any questions you may have and I will try my very best to answer them and put your mind at ease.


Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their rainbow photographs and ‘What I want to be’ photos. In order to prepare our surprise for you we need everybody’s photographs emailed to us by lunchtime tomorrow (Friday). We really would like everyone to be included as you all play an important part in our class!


Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Miss Dixon xx

Thursday 2nd July


 Dear Children,


I am missing you all so much. It has really cheered me up receiving your emails. Those of you who have sent photographs of yourselves look like you’ve grown so much over the last few months!

Thank you to all the children who have emailed me their rainbow and ‘When I grow up’ pictures. If you haven’t started yours yet don’t worry you still have until Friday 10th July to send your photographs to me. I would really love everyone to take part as I have a special surprise planned.


As we are getting close to the end of the school year we wanted to celebrate your time with us at Stalyhill Infants. Each and every one of you are very special and unique. You have been a big part of our school for three years and we want to make sure we give you the send off you deserve. We may not be together in the same building right now but we are together in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.


We have chosen a song which we feel represents the spirit of togetherness that has been demonstrated in recent months. Please listen to the song via the link below and have a go at learning the lyrics. You can even learn the dance if you like! Remember to send me a video by email of you singing along as we have a surprise planned for this song too.


Learn the words using this YouTube Link:


Learn the dance moves using this YouTube Link:


Lots of love and hugs,

Miss Dixon xx

Thursday 25th June


Dear Children,


I hope you are all well and making the most of this lovely sunshine!

I think about you all and miss you so much! I imagine you have all grown lots over the last few months. I bet you will be as tall as I am soon.


Do you think you could help me with a few surprises I have planned for you?


Activity 1: Please can you decorate a rainbow  - the template is in the Year 2 tab on our home learning page. It can be coloured, painted or made into a collage- it’s up to you!  Then can you ask a grown up to take a photo of you holding the rainbow (I just need the top half of your body in the photograph. Hold the rainbow in front of your chest so I can see your smiley face!)


Activity 2: Talk to your grown up about the type of job you might like to do when you are older. Then can you write the name of the job on the blackboard template that is in the Year 2 tab on our home learning page. If possible, write the job title in a shiny pen (if you haven’t got a silver or gold pen you could write the job title on a white piece of paper and stick it in the middle of the chalk board). Please ask a grown up to take a photo, just like the rainbow photograph.


Next I would like you to email me both photographs. I can’t tell you right now what I am going to use them for however I am sure you are going to really love it!


I so look forward to seeing you all soon but until then I’ll wait excitedly to receive your photographs.


Lots of love, Miss Dixon xx

Monday 8th June

Hello Year 2,


Today should have been our first day back at school together after the Whit holiday. It seems strange that I am typing you this message instead of seeing each of your smiley faces enter the classroom; full of enthusiasm and excitement as you eagerly wait to share tales of the adventures you had been on during the school holidays.

With each day and week that goes by I am missing your smiles and stories more and more. I would love to hear from you and find out about how are you doing, the places you have visited and the activities you have enjoyed. Remember, you can send me an email anytime, by using my school email address. Each day I check my emails and eagerly await messages from all of you. I have loved reading the emails I have received so far and have enjoyed writing messages back.

As today is the start of a new term we have put some new activities on our website for you. You will also find lots of activities linked to our new topic; Where in the world did your chocolate come from?

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from and seeing you all very soon.


Lots of love and hugs,

Miss Dixon xx

Wednesday 20th May


Hi Children,


How are we all feeling this week? I think lots of you have wished for the sunshine to come out and your wish has come true!

I can just picture you all now with your big beaming smiles and bundles of energy; running around your gardens, playing football, building dens, splashing in the paddling pool, reading books in the sunshine and playing happily with your toys. Oh I do wish we could all be together having lots of fun!

I have loved receiving your emails telling me about your adventures at home. I feel like I am right there with you when you send me photographs and write about the fun activities you have been doing like baking, practicing football skills and working at Mummy’s desk just like a grown up!

If you haven’t sent an email yet it would be lovely to hear from you as I am missing you so much.

You may have seen on the school Twitter that this week is healthy bodies and minds week and so we are thinking especially about ‘kindness’ and ‘acts of kindness’. Now I know I am a very lucky teacher because I have a class full of kind children however at this time more than ever it is really important to spread the message of kindness to our families and friends.

Could you think of a way that you could show an act of kindness to someone? Maybe you could bake a cake for an elderly neighbor, write a letter to a family member you haven’t seen for a while, read a story to a grandparent, auntie or uncle on Facetime or offer to help Mummy and Daddy in the house or garden.


I have attached a link to a certificate you can print off to show the kind act you have carried out. Maybe you could share it with others too.


Sending lots of love and virtual hugs to you and your families as always,

Keep safe and continue to be kind.


Miss Dixon xx

Wednesday 13th May


Hi Children,


What a wonderful week it has been!  I have loved chatting to each and everyone of you and your Mum’s and Dad’s too. It was so lovely to hear your voices and know that you are all safe, well and happy with your families.


You have all been doing some amazing things during your time at home. I was impressed to hear lots of you can now ride a bike, hula hoop, bake cakes and cookies and take part in exercise like an Olympic athlete!

I am so proud of the way you are all having a go at completing some school activities too. Reading with friends and family, writing about your adventures and completing Maths challenges on the iPad too. Your enthusiasm for our new half term topic, Africa is fabulous. I know you’re going to really enjoy the activities we have put on the school website for you! Don’t forget to email me some photos as I would love to share with you what you have learnt.


It is lovely to hear lots of you are keeping in touch with each other through phone calls and Zoom or waving to each other whilst out on walks with your family. It’s amazing how a wave, quick phone call or a long Zoom chat can brighten up your day; just like the calls with all of you made my days this week some of the best and most memorable so far!


Continue to be the best and most amazing children a teacher could wish for!


Lots of love to you all, Miss Dixon x








Wednesday 6th May 


Hi Children,


What a fabulous week it has been since our last message.

 I have started to receive some amazing emails from some of you. It has been so lovely to hear about all the amazing things you have been doing at home with your families. From learning new skills to reading each day and finding out facts about Africa.

Did any of you set yourself a challenge last week? William and I worked hard on our challenges each day and never gave up. By the weekend I could skip more confidently, faster and for longer and William got lots of shots into the netball hoop. It just shows what you can do when you put your mind to something. Not only were we very proud of ourselves it cheered us up too!

 I am sure if you set yourself a challenge you are feeling very proud and happy right now. I feel very proud of you too.

Talking of challenges made me think of Captain Tom, or Colonel Tom as he is now known, following his amazing fundraising! What an inspirational gentleman he is! I am sure you have all seen him on the television especially on Thursday last week when it was his 100th birthday!

He set himself the challenge of walking the length of his garden 100 times before his birthday and he did just that! He was so determined he even walked 100 laps before his actual birthday- a truly special man who has raised lots of money for the NHS. He is definitely someone to remember and think about whenever we are faced with a difficult task/challenge; keep going and never give up.  Well done to Colonel Tom and well done to all of my amazing class for keeping on going with your learning and new adventures at home.


Fingers crossed we will hear very soon if we are able to return to school soon. In the meantime, continue to cherish special family time, try your very best in all you do and keep smiling.


I am very proud of you all and I know your families are too!


Lots of love and virtual hugs,

Miss Dixon xx

Wednesday 29th April

Hi Children,

How are we all feeling this week?

This week feels a little different for me because the sun hasn’t been shining as much. Some days I have been feeling full of energy and can’t wait to get busy with my jobs or help my children complete their school work.

On other days it has been harder to get motivated or to feel enthusiastic about the day ahead. I am sure some of you have been feeling this way too! I know my little boy William has felt the same.

So to cheer ourselves up we have set ourselves a challenge to complete each day throughout the week! I would like to be able to skip faster and more confidently and William would like to beat his sister when scoring shots in the netball post in the garden.

Maybe you could set yourself a challenge too? It could be a challenge just for you or you could get the whole family involved. Think of something you would like to do for the first time or something you want to get better at. Keep practising throughout the week and remember ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!’ The more you practise something the better you will get at it.

We are also continuing to join in the Joe Wicks PE sessions and Cosmic Yoga too as I have found these sessions give us energy and help us feel motivated and happy. Are you still enjoying these activities? Maybe if you’ve not done them for a while now is the time to give them another go?

One other thing we have tried over the last week has been to play some relaxing music. Do you remember the calming music we play each day in our classroom? Well I have been playing it at home too. Not only does it make me feel relaxed and calm but it reminds me of all of you, which always makes me smile!

 If you would like to listen to the same music just ask your grown-ups to type ‘calming music for children’ or ‘calming Disney music’ into Google and sit or lie down in a comfy spot for a little while whilst listening to the music.

I look forward to hearing about the challenges you have set yourself or fun you have had exercising or relaxing to some lovely music. Fingers crossed the sunshine will be back soon.  


Take care and stay safe,     

Lots of Love and hugs, Miss Dixon xx      

Thursday 23rd April


Hi Children,


I've got some really exciting news to share with you today!

A little bird told me (well the Easter Bunny to be exact) that you are all being amazing for your mums and dads!


I believe lots of you are listening well, being helpful around the house and some of you have enjoyed taking part in some of the activities we have set too. I am so very proud of you all, well-done!


It just so happens that when I was in school last week I put everyone's name into the 'Secret Student' envelope! So you all know what that means don't you.... Yes, every single one of you are my secret student! When we return to school you will all have a Secret Student certificate waiting for you and you can all choose a prize from the prize box 🙂

Amazing work everyone!


Continue to be really helpful at home, read and complete an activity if you can and most of all have fun and continue to stay safe.


I miss you all and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love and hugs to my amazing class!


Miss Dixon xx

Tuesday 14th April

Hi Children,


What a difference the sunshine makes!

Hasn’t it been lovely again this week and the perfect opportunity for you all to go out into your gardens or out with your family for a walk or some form of exercise. I know how much lots of you enjoy being on your bikes and scooters so I imagine you’ve enjoyed the chance to do this whilst the sun has been shining.

This week I have been in school with our keyworker children. We have had lots of fun taking part in the Joe Wicks sessions, doing Easter crafts together and yoga however school doesn’t seem the same without all of you and I look forward to the day we can all be back together again.

At the moment it is still very important that we stay safe at home so well-done to you all as you are all being amazing stay at home superheroes! Fingers crossed that by staying at home we can all be together soon!


I hope the sun continues to shine throughout the Easter weekend and as a family you have the opportunity to spend time together, make memories and have fun!

Happy Easter everybody


Lots of Love and Easter hugs,

Miss Dixon xx

Wednesday 1st April 

Dear Children,


We’ve all been at home now for over a week and during that time we’ve had the opportunity to spend precious time with our families doing things that we maybe don’t usually get the opportunity to do. I’m sure that like me you have noticed something your family has done that has made you feel proud of them or that you’ve realised you really love about them.

This made me think about what I really love and miss about all of you, so I’ve written you a poem which I’d like to share with you. Maybe once you’ve read it you might like to write a poem about a member of your family?

Lots of love and hugs,

Miss Dixon xx


I love the way you enter the classroom with beaming smiles upon your faces.

I love how you hum and sing to the Disney music we play each morning.

I love how you eagerly raise your hands to share news about your weekends.

I love the excitement on your faces when we discover a surprise letter or mystery object.

I love how you eagerly tuck into your snacks especially when it’s banana day!

I love the bounce in your strides when we’re heading to the hall for P.E

I love how you wait in anticipation when I’m choosing the register and snack monitors.

I love your enthusiasm and confidence when we act out and recall our ‘Talk for write’ stories.

I love the competitiveness of each group as you collect your ‘Stars for the Jars’.

I love your big, booming voices as you count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

I love the way you whizz around the playground during the Daily Mile.

I love how you read stories with expression and intonation.

I love hearing the happy chatter ripple around the classroom when you’re talking with your friends.

I love to watch you with your friends, running around care free in the playground.

But most of all I love you all for just being you!

Wednesday 25th March


Dear Children,


What a strange week it has been not being able to see your smiley faces each day! I have missed each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you all soon. I am so pleased the sun has been shining for you. I am sure you've all been enjoying the opportunity to go out into the garden and have fun in the sun with your Mummy's, Daddy's, brothers and sisters. Hasn't it been lovely being able to spend quality time with our families? It is so nice to be able to play together, talk and listen to each other.  Who has been taking part in the Joe Wicks exercise sessions? I hope Mum's and dad's have been joining in too! I enjoyed taking part with the children who came to school on Monday.  I have also continued to do the exercise sessions at home each day with my children. Aren't we all going to be super fit when we return to school?


Enjoy the rest of the week and I'll look forward to messaging you again next week.


Bye for now, lots of love, Miss Dixon xx