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Miss Dixon

Wednesday 1st April 

Dear Children,


We’ve all been at home now for over a week and during that time we’ve had the opportunity to spend precious time with our families doing things that we maybe don’t usually get the opportunity to do. I’m sure that like me you have noticed something your family has done that has made you feel proud of them or that you’ve realised you really love about them.

This made me think about what I really love and miss about all of you, so I’ve written you a poem which I’d like to share with you. Maybe once you’ve read it you might like to write a poem about a member of your family?

Lots of love and hugs,

Miss Dixon xx


I love the way you enter the classroom with beaming smiles upon your faces.

I love how you hum and sing to the Disney music we play each morning.

I love how you eagerly raise your hands to share news about your weekends.

I love the excitement on your faces when we discover a surprise letter or mystery object.

I love how you eagerly tuck into your snacks especially when it’s banana day!

I love the bounce in your strides when we’re heading to the hall for P.E

I love how you wait in anticipation when I’m choosing the register and snack monitors.

I love your enthusiasm and confidence when we act out and recall our ‘Talk for write’ stories.

I love the competitiveness of each group as you collect your ‘Stars for the Jars’.

I love your big, booming voices as you count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

I love the way you whizz around the playground during the Daily Mile.

I love how you read stories with expression and intonation.

I love hearing the happy chatter ripple around the classroom when you’re talking with your friends.

I love to watch you with your friends, running around care free in the playground.

But most of all I love you all for just being you!

Wednesday 25th March


Dear Children,


What a strange week it has been not being able to see your smiley faces each day! I have missed each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you all soon. I am so pleased the sun has been shining for you. I am sure you've all been enjoying the opportunity to go out into the garden and have fun in the sun with your Mummy's, Daddy's, brothers and sisters. Hasn't it been lovely being able to spend quality time with our families? It is so nice to be able to play together, talk and listen to each other.  Who has been taking part in the Joe Wicks exercise sessions? I hope Mum's and dad's have been joining in too! I enjoyed taking part with the children who came to school on Monday.  I have also continued to do the exercise sessions at home each day with my children. Aren't we all going to be super fit when we return to school?


Enjoy the rest of the week and I'll look forward to messaging you again next week.


Bye for now, lots of love, Miss Dixon xx