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Miss Wright



Hello to my new Year 1 class,


I am really excited to be your new teacher.  Miss Wright has told me all about you all.  She has told me all about your little characters and how hard you have worked throughout your year in Reception.


My classroom is ready for you now. We have a lovely place to learn in.  It is a brightly coloured space with lots of interactive displays to help you learn.  You will have your own table with your friends where you will keep your very own resource pack containing all the equipment you will need to complete your activities.  How grown up you will be!  We are going to have a fantastic year and learn lots of new things. 


I hope you have a lovely summer, let’s hope the sunshine pops out whilst you are on holiday.


Stay safe, keep smiling and I will see you in September.


Lots of love,

Mrs Ashley X

Friday 17th July 


Dear Reception,


Well, I'm not sure whether I should call you Reception or Year 1 because your time in Reception is over now!


I am so sad that things happened this year which have meant that we couldn’t spend as much time together as we would have usually had. I have missed you so much over the last few months and even though I have been lucky enough to see some of you around school, it is still not the same. This year, I have watched you grow from shy and quiet children to confident and independent learners at Stalyhill Infant School. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to teach you and be part of your first year at school. I am so proud to be able to call you my class.


We have done some wonderful things together this year. We have performed our Christmas Nativity, played outside in the snow, played imaginately in the classroom together (my favourite time was being your hospital patient in the Role Play Area), we have giggled together on the carpet area and had so many cuddles that I have lost count!


I have loved every minute with you in my class and I am so sad to not be your teacher anymore. But, I know that you are going to have a wonderful time with Mrs Ashley in Year 1. I have told her all about you and she is so excited to become your teacher!


Mummies and Daddies, I also just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to you all. You have made my first year back to Stalyhill an absolute pleasure. You have all been so kind and supportive and it has meant the world to me! Thank you so much. I think i'm going to miss you just as much as the children!


I hope that you all have a wonderful summer filled with happiness, laughter and wonderful memories. I am so excited to see you again in September - even if it is through the window!


Stay safe and make good choices for your Mummy and Daddy whilst you are home. But most importantly, have fun!


Lots of love,


Miss Wright xxx

Friday 10th July 


Hello Reception,


Can you believe that you are just a couple of weeks away from finishing your first year at Stalyhill Infant School? My goodness, I cant believe that the year has passed us by already!

Well, you have had some very exciting news this week. Firstly, you have been told that Mrs Ashley will be your teacher when you transition into Year 1. I have been telling Mrs Ashley all about you this week and she is so excited to meet you! You will have such a wonderful year with her - she is kind, caring, nurting and loves to smile!

The other exciting news from this week is hearing that you will be receiving your end of year report. These last couple of weeks, I have been thinking and writing about each and every one of you and the wonderful things that you have achieved this year. I am so excited for your families to read them - they will just burst with pride! When they share them with you, I hope that you smile and understand how proud of you we all are. Your year in reception has been so much fun and you have all made friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so excited to see you all return in September as Year 1 children - you are going to be amazing!

I have popped the last bit of your Reception home learning onto our school website for you. I hope that you enjoy the activities! Just a couple of weeks to go and then it's time to enjoy the summer!


Lots of love,

Miss Wright xx

Thursday 2nd July 

Hello Reception,

My goodness, another week has passed already?! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying!


I received a letter from Mrs Lockett this week and was super excited to see that your teacher in Year 1 will be Mrs Ashley! Wow! I can’t believe that you are going to be in Year 1 soon but you are so lucky to have such a wonderful teacher next year children. Mrs Ashley is kind, caring, nurturing and a very good teacher. She will be teaching some of you over the next few weeks but I know that she is super duper excited to meet all of you when we all come back to school in September.


Last week, we read the story ‘Mixed’ and learnt all about primary and secondary colours. This week, we have been reading the story of Augustus and his Smile and we have been doing some lovely activities which link to the story. Mrs Plant has kindly popped the activities onto our school website so that you can join in with our learning too by doing it at home. I hope that you enjoy them!


Keep working your socks off at home and listening to your Mummy and Daddy. I continue to miss you every day and I am so excited to see you all again soon!


Lots of love,

Miss Wright xx

Thursday 25th June 


Hello Reception!


Well, what a beautiful week we are having! This sunshine just makes me feel so happy! This week, I have been at school teaching some of our children. We have had lots of fun playing in the sunshine but of course, we have had to think about how to be safe in the sun. We have stayed safe by wearing sun cream, drinking lots of water and wearing sun hats too! Sometimes, when we feel a bit too hot outside, we find a shaded spot (out of the sunshine) and share a story. How have you been staying safe in the sunshine? Perhaps you could make a poster about how to stay safe in the sun this week? If you do, I would love to see them so ask your adult to take a photo and share it with us on Twitter.


I am missing you all lots and lots! I am sure that you have been having lots of fun in your paddling pools and eating scrumptious ice cream or fruity lollies – yum! Don’t forget to keep following instructions from your adults and trying your best when you are asked to do some home learning. I have planned some exciting measuring activities for you all this week so I hope that you enjoy them!


Lots of love,


Miss Wright xx

Monday 8th June


Hello Reception,

Well, what a week of ups and downs! I was so looking forward to welcoming lots of you back to school this week but unfortunately, the time isn’t quite right just yet. So, I continue to miss you all and think of you having fun and creating more amazing memories together at home. Hopefully, we get to see you all again soon. We will continue to provide home learning for you all via the school website and keep our eyes peeled for super home learning on our Twitter page. If you have any concerns then please don’t hesitate to email me directly on my school email address

Take care,

Miss Wright xx

Wednesday 20th May


Hello Reception,

Oh my, another week has passed already and, just like all of the other weeks, I am still missing you!

After feeling a little down and fed up last week, I decided to spend some time doing the things that I enjoy the most. It is tricky to find the time to do special things sometimes, especially when we are usually so busy at school! So, I decided to do some baking at home. There are many reasons to why I enjoy baking; making something look beautiful, having some calm and quiet time, being creative and of course, the tasty treat that I have at the end of all of my hard work! However, my favourite part about baking is seeing the smiles on people's faces as they taste your special creation. I needed to see some smiles this week, just because seeing others smile always makes me smile! So, I decided to bake some special biscuits and I delivered them to all of my new neighbours. I stood back as I watched them open the door to find the scrumptious delivery on their doorstep and just seeing the beaming smiles on their faces make me feel so happy!

I wonder whether you could do something special this week to make somebody smile? Making extra effort for another person can make you just as happy too. Perhaps you could sit down to create a special picture for somebody or write a letter to a friend (I saw Luna and Amelia doing that this week on our Twitter page - how lovely girls!). You could build something for your Mummy or Daddy or even bake like I did. Whatever you do, don’t forget to watch for their smiles as they receive your gift - that's the best bit!

Lots of love,

Miss Wright xx

Wednesday 13th May 

Hello Reception,

How are we all this week? It feels like all of this has been going on for a really long time now and I'm finding myself missing you more and more every week. I'm beginning to find it really difficult not being able to watch you grow and learn and at times, it makes me feel really sad. But, I have been reminding myself of some of the wonderful things that we have done in school and the fun times that we have already shared! Can you remember our Christmas Nativity? It was so much fun seeing you all dressed up and you made all of us almost burst with pride! Thinking of our volcano experiment last half term makes me smile too - we were all so nervous and excited to see the volcano erupt. But, my favourite times with you and the memories which make me smile the most are out story times. I love nothing more than getting cosy on our carpet and escaping into a magical world with you. I am super excited at the thought of sharing stories with you again and created more amazing memories together at school.

I sent a message to Mr Sunshine yesterday, asking him to come back! Life at home is so much better when the sun is shining and by the beautiful weather that I can see out of my window today, he listened! So, I hope that you have another wonderful week and weekend in the sunshine. We may not be able to make special memories together at school, but you are soooo lucky to be able to create them at home with your families. Enjoy every moment Reception and I look forward to seeing you again soon (fingers crossed!).

Speak soon!
Lots of love,
Miss Wright xxx

Wednesday 6th May


Hello Reception, 


How are you? I am missing you all so much! I have been receiving lots of amazing emails from you all and it has just been wonderful to see your beautiful work and happy, smiling faces. Some of you have really been enjoying our topics. I have seen amazing minibeast projects and superb rockets! It makes me so happy that you are still learning about these wonderful things whilst at home. Have you spotted my special story time for you all on our website? I hope that you enjoy it!


This week at school, we would have been talking and thinking about wishing upon a star – just like in the story of Pinocchio! A wish is something special that your heart hopes will happen. If you could make one special wish, what would you wish for? My wish would be to keep all of you and our loved ones safe and healthy. Then, we can return to school and enjoy the summer learning, exploring, investigating and having fun! Perhaps you could write down your special wish and share it on our Twitter page? I think that they would make a lot of people smile.


Lots of love,


Miss Wright xx

Wednesday 29th April 

Hello Reception,


How are you all? I miss you all so much! This week I have been having lots of fun at school. We have been creative making lovely crafts, we have enjoyed learning outdoors and loved being active with Liam. However, my favourite part of the week has to be ringing you all to see how you are. You all sound so happy and have been doing so many wonderful things at home! I have heard stories about you riding your bikes, playing in the garden, hunting for minibeasts, reading stories, playing games with your families, baking, exercising and practising your maths, reading and writing skills! I am so proud of you all for showing your family everything that you have learnt so far at Stalyhill and for trying to learn even more whilst at home.


During my evenings, I have been getting rather excited at the possibility of spotting Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. Wow, what a beautiful and special sight it was to see the bright train of lights in the night sky! Seeing them sparked so much excitement for me to learn more about what else is in space. I have been learning all about stars by researching on the internet and did you know that there are all different types of stars? The nearest star to earth (where we live) is actually the sun! What a fantastic fact! I wonder if you could research and learn more about the stars, or even the planets.


Whilst doing my research, I found the most exciting website called Story Time from Space where a group of amazing astronauts read stories whilst in space! Here is my favourite one I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


Lots of love, Miss Wright xx

Thursday 23rd April


Hello Reception,


Goodness me, another week has passed already! I am missing you all so much, but I always take some time, every day, to think of each and every one of you and all of the things that you have already accomplished. You have all worked so hard during your first year at Stalyhill Infant School and have all grown in so many different ways! You have all made new friends, learnt how to ride a bike, started your amazing journey towards being a reader, built in confidence to try new things (which is sometimes a little scary) and so much more! You made every day at Stalyhill Infant School an absolute pleasure for all of your teachers! I can’t wait for the day that we can return safely to school so that you can continue to flourish.


Next week I will be at school looking after our keyworker children which is a very important job. But Mrs Lockett has also given me an extra, very special job of ringing you all to see how you all are. I am so excited! So, take a peek on our website to see our new Summer learning tasks and have fun thinking about our new topic. Then, you can tell me all about it during our phone call next week!


Keep smiling Reception, I know I will be when I hear your voices next week!


Lots of love, Miss Wright xx

Tuesday 14th April 


Hello Reception,


What a lovely weekend it has been! I had a very exciting visit from the Easter Bunny who brought me lots of chocolate and very kindly let me know how you all are after delivering all of your eggs! It makes me so happy to know that you are all having such a wonderful time at home with your family.


This lovely weather has been such a treat for us so I have been enjoying most of my time in the outdoors. I have loved looking at how everything is changing through spring time. Yesterday, I noticed that some daffodils had grown right by my house. I wasn't the only one to notice though - lots of bees came to visit them too! I wonder if you have noticed any changes to the environment around your house?


Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos on our school twitter page. I absolutely love looking at them and seeing what you're all up to. I hope that you have had a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones and enjoyed your lovely treats to celebrate such a special day.


Speak soon, Miss Wright xx

Wednesday 1st April 


Hello Reception!


We have now enjoyed another week of special time with our families at home - how lucky are we?! I've been keeping busy by planning and preparing lots of wonderful learning for us and I have my fingers and toes crossed that we will have a chance to do it together soon! Have you been enjoying your learning at home with your family? 


I spent some time in the garden yesterday and after watering my plants, I spotted a worm wriggling its way over my garden path! I decided to do a spot of research using Kid-Rex (child-friendly search engine) and did you know that worms don't have any lungs? They breathe through their skin! I wonder if you could find out anymore super facts about worms or any other minibeasts you might find in your garden. 


I feel a little lost not being able to teach you but I'm really enjoying keeping in touch with these messages every week. Please try to pop some pictures onto our school twitter, seeing your faces would really make my day! Keep up the super work and continue to spread your wonderful happiness around your house. 


Speak soon,


Miss Wright xx

Wednesday 25th March


Hello Reception!

Well, what a quiet place Stalyhill Infant School is without you all filling it with happiness and laughter! This week, I have been at school with some of our children whilst their Mummies and Daddies go to work. We have had a lovely time making crafts, being active with Joe Wicks, spending lots of time in the beautiful sunshine and we have had lots of opportunities to escape into wonderful adventures by reading so many amazing stories! I am missing you all greatly but I am sure that you are having an amazing time at home with your families (and Buddy Bear too). I hope that you are finding our learning challenges exciting, some of your photos on our school Twitter page look like you're having lots of fun!

I'll be keeping in touch over the next few weeks so keep working hard and impressing your Mummies and Daddies with your super learning.


Speak soon, Miss Wright :) x