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Mrs Ashley



Hello to my lovely new class,


It is Mrs Meehan here, I wanted to pop on and tell you how excited I am to teach you next year. Mrs Ashley has been telling me all about you. She has told me what you like to learn about, how you learn and about your different friendship groups. I have loved hearing about you and I feel like I know some of you already.

We are going to have so much fun next year. I have planned some exciting lessons for when you come back and I cannot wait to do them with you in September.

 I have also started to get my classroom ready for you. It is looking fantastic and I really think you are going to love it. We have a lovely reading corner where you can go and enjoy some books and we have a quiet zone where you can have some time to think if you are feeling a little worried. I have also made a writing area where you can go and be creative and show me how fantastic you can write.


Please enjoy your summer holidays with your grownups and I will be waiting for you in September with a big smile on my face.


Lots of love and big hugs,

Mrs Meehan xxx J

Friday 17th July 

Hello Year 1, soon to be Year 2,


I am so sad that we could not finish our year together.  I have missed seeing your faces, our little chats and having lots fun with you all.  You have all flourished this year in so many ways.  This makes me such a proud teacher.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of your learning journeys.

I know I will not be your teacher any more but I will be keeping in touch with Mrs Meehan to see how you are all getting on.


I want to say a big thank you to Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Grandmas, Granddads, Aunties and Uncles for all your support throughout the year.  We have maintained some lovely home/school communications, even in lock down, where we have shared worries and children’s achievements.


Enjoy your Summer holiday, let’s hope we get lots of sunshine.  I can’t wait to see you in September, even if it is at a distance.


Sending you all lots of love and virtual hugs.


Mrs Ashley X

Friday 10th July


Hello to my lovely class,


This week I have had lots of meetings with your new Year 2 teacher, Mrs Meehan.  I have been telling her all about you all.  I have told her all about your little characters, some of your friendship groups and the things you love to do.  I have also told her all about your lovely families too. 


I have shown her all of the work you have done for me and she was super impressed!  I am not surprised though because it’s amazing.   All the books you were working in have now been sent to her so you can continue to work on these in September.


Mrs Meehan is getting your new classroom ready for you now, you have a fantastic reading corner, a brightly coloured washing line ‘Talk for writing’ display for you to hang your story mapping ideas on, and an amazing dinosaur scene.  You are going to love it! She couldn’t possibly love you as much as I do though!  She is such a lucky teacher to have you all in her class.


Thank you for all the photos, videos and work you have sent me by email.

Keep smiling,

Lots of love,

Mrs Ashley X


Thursday 2nd July


Hello to my class,


I hope you and you families are all well.  Thank you for all the work, videos and photographs you have sent to me.  They do make me smile.


I know this week you have found out who is going to be your Year 2 teacher.  Mrs Meehan is lovely and I have been telling her all about you all and even showing her some of your work.  You are all going to make fabulous Year 2s.


Keep staying safe and don’t forget you can email anytime.


Hoping to hear from you.

Mrs Ashley xx


Thursday 25th June

Hello to my super duper class,


I hope you and your families are all well.  Thank you for all your messages, photographs and videos.  I have loved seeing these.  Keep sending any work to me and I will virtually mark it for you.


I was thinking… what could we do as a class that we could do at home?   I have come up with an idea, I thought we could have a ‘class cook off’.  Could you all cook or bake something and send me a photo of it, with yourself on it so I can make a lovely display to remind of you all.  Don’t forget to get a grown up to help you. I am really looking forward to seeing them all.


Missing you lots,                       

Mrs Ashley x

Monday 8th June



Hello Year 1,

I am missing you all so much.  I know I have not seen you all for such a long time, but I have spoken to you all on the phone when I was in school so I know you and your families are all okay.  I have had some lovely emails, videos, photographs, all sharing with me some of the lovely things you have been getting up to.  Just a reminder that my e-mail address is  Please share anything with me, it just cheers me up and makes me smile so much. I will always reply to any mail you send me. I am truly hoping to see you all soon as school begins to reopen.

If you have any concerns or would like me to speak with me just let me know and I will happily contact you.  There is, of course, lots of home learning on our website for you to do but please do not stress about this.  My advice to you all, just do what you can, when you can and if you can. Just stay safe and well.

I might not be able to see all your little faces right now but you are in my thoughts.

Sending you my kindest regards and lots of love.

Mrs Ashley xx

Wednesday 20th May


Hi to my Class


I hope you are all well and enjoying our lovely weather.


This week I have been in school looking after the key worker children.  While I have been in school I have been phoning you to hear your voices and find all about what you have been doing with your families.  Some of you have been growing plants and vegetables, some of you have been sorting out the washing, some of you have been cooking,  some of you have been for lots of walks even in the woods, some of you have been having fun in paddling pools and someone is even making a pond in their garden.


I have had lots of lovely emails from you too.  I have received lots of photos and videos too!   Please keep sending me these as they make me 'Over the Moon' with you all and I can see what you are all up to πŸ˜Š


Lots of love,


Mrs Ashley xx

Wednesday 13th May



Hello to my class πŸ˜€

I hope you enjoyed the glorious bank holiday weekend and all the celebrations of VE day with your families.  I watched the video footage of the celebrations in London.  How happy were the people at the end of the war?

Hopefully we might be together soon, back in our classroom, learning and having lots of fun.  I am at home this week thinking about and planning our return to school and very excited to do this. 


It made me think about all the lovely experiences we have had so far this year.  We did some great work about the Gruffalo.  I can see you all now acting out the story in our role play area.   We went to the cinema to see Angry Birds, you were so well behaved, I was such a proud teacher that a day!  We did our Christmas production, you were amazing on that stage and all your mummy’s and daddy’s had big smiles on their faces.  We learnt all about the bottom of the world, Antarctica, just how cold it is there and compared it where we live. Do you remember our Science Week when we did the experiment of making a volcano erupt? It worked, your faces lit up and we loved every minute.  Then there was World Book day when we all dressed up as our favourite book characters, you were a sea of beautiful colours in the classroom. Do you remember when I was doing the register I called you by your character names instead of your real ones.  It was very funny!


This is just a few of so many lovely memories of our year together so far.  I am missing you all and hope that I will be able to see all your lovely faces soon.  I bet you have all grown so much.


Lots of love,

Mrs Ashley xx

Wednesday 6th May 

Hello to my class πŸ˜€


It’s been so lovely to have been in touch with some of you this week. I have had lots of lovely messages, videos and photos.  They have made me smile so much.


It’s a special day on Friday ,VE day, which means Victory in Europe. It’s the celebration of the end of World War 2.  When this happened a long time ago, in the past, like us people had to follow rules, just like we are doing now, until the war was over. 


When it was over they had a huge celebration. They had street parties and waved the Union Jack flag with big smiles on their faces.  Maybe you could make your own flags and stick them together to make a bunting, watch the video of the actual celebrations or have a little garden party to celebrate this.


I would love to hear about it, see photos or videos.


I miss you and your families.

Stay super safe.


Lots of love

Mrs Ashley xx

Wednesday 29th April

Hi to my class  


Hi hope you are all  keeping safe and well.  Mrs Lockett  has sent you all my e-mail address, via parent mail, so you and your Mummy and Daddy can keep in touch with me when you want to.  I am very excited about this.  You can ask me questions, send me messages, videos or photos.  You could even type a message yourself, that would be impressive and very grown up! I think this will cheer us all up. I am looking forward to being in touch with you all again even though it will be remotely.


I do hope you are taking caring of yourselves and behaving like superheroes being kind, thoughtful, helpful, loving and resilient.


Missing you all very much.


Lots of love,

Mrs Ashley xx

Thursday 23rd April


Hi to my class πŸ˜ŽπŸŒž


I can’t believe I have not seen you for such a long time but I can still picture all your little faces sitting at your little tables and chairs beavering away. I hope you are all enjoying the super sunshine we have had this week.


On Thursday night it’s Children in Need ‘the big night in’ and it made me think about all the times we have had non uniform day or dressed up as Pudsey to raise pennies for others in need. I think you should still dress up, draw your own Pudsey Bears and take a selfie.  You might even get to stay up a little longer to watch it on TV!


I will write to you all again next week.  Be good and listen carefully to your mummies and daddies.  


Sending you all lots of love. Stay safe.


Mrs Ashley xx

Tuesday 14th April


Hi Year 1 πŸ˜


I hope you are having a lovely Easter. I bet the Easter Bunny, who is one of our key workers, left  you lots of  Easter eggs for you to hunt for. I wonder how many eggs you got altogether.  Did you count them?


Don’t throw your Easter boxes away make something with them. I know how much you like to create things.


I’ve been busy at school this week looking after those children who’s mummies and daddies are key workers. We used boxes to make our very own dinosaur. We have called it Stalyaurus. Have a look on our twitter page for ideas and a photo of him.


I really cannot wait to be back in class with you all. I am missing you all so much. 


With lots of love to you and your families.

Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Ashley xx

Wednesday 1st April

Hello to My Class


Week two of no school. I hope you and your families are all okay and looking after each other. I am missing being in our classroom doing lots of learning and having fun with you! This is what happens everyday in our classroom...


Smiley faces greet me at start of each day😊

Teaching you lots of new things as I watch you grow in front of my eyes

An amazing class who knows that making mistakes is okay and it even helps you to learn😍

Love the way you share all your ideas with me and tell me all about your families

Your lovely 'characters' all different but just as special

Hands up each day keen to ask and answer lots of questions 

In and outside of our classroom you love to learn and find out about our world

Lovely handwriting that we do so carefully on our special lines

Lovely manners which we use every single day as we go about our school day


What a class!!!  A very proud teacher!!!

Sending you hugs and lots of love, 


Mrs Ashley xx

Wednesday 25th March 


Hello to my class :-) 


I am missing you all very much.  I really hope you are enjoying the sunshine with your family.  I can't wait to find out all about what you have been up  to when we get back to school.  Please take photos/videos or make a little diary that you could write in so we can share these together when we get back to school. Don't forget that you can share these on our Twitter page too, so I can see these each day.  Try to do a just a little bit of work at home so you do not forget all the fabulous skills you have learned this year.  Make sure you get some exercise too, maybe playing games or even do the 'daily mile'  round the garden (get Mum and Dad to do it too!) I know you will make me proud. Don't forget to help at home too , just like you do at school, putting all your belongings away.  I will send you a new message next week.  In the meantime, sending you and your family, lots of love and take care. 


Mrs Ashley xx