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Mrs Greer

Friday 17th July 

Hello Year One


Wow, we are now in our final week of term.  What an unusual end to our time in Year 1! During the final week, we would usually be doing some lovely activities in school that we could all enjoy together so I have included lots of them in your home learning so you can do them at home instead!  One of these activities is linked to you going off on your next exciting adventure in Year 2.  I am especially looking forward to this year because I am able to come with you on your adventure! What a lucky teacher I am! 


One of the activities involves you decorating a picture of a space rocket, then you can add all your memories of year one onto strips of brightly coloured paper and attach it to your rocket so you can ‘BLAST OFF’ into Year 2 with lots of wonderful memories and new skills.  You could write memories of special days or anything you have learnt along the way that you are going to take with you next year. I would love to see them when you have finished.


I have got so many memories of our time in Year 1.  I remember us going on an exciting trip to the cinema, what a fun day that was!  I also remember your Christmas party and all the fun we had.  I remember us making volcanoes in the classroom and dressing as camouflaged animals for Science Week, what a great time we all had.  You have all learnt so much too, you have really turned into the most amazing thinkers, writers, readers, mathematicians and investigators.  I am so proud of you all. 


See you all soon


Mrs Greer xx

Friday 10th July


Hello Year One


I have had some wonderful work sent in this week from you, thank you so much! I am so pleased that you enjoyed learning about the Mars Rover and studying  some Mars rocks!  Next week’s challenge is to compare some samples that my Mars Rover has collected. Being as you are such Super Scientists, I know you will be able to help!


Please keep sending me your work because I love to see it! I have also heard that one of you has even drawn a Mars Rover and labelled it!  I have had some wonderful pictures of sea turtles too, how wonderful!


I would love to see more pictures of what you have created. 


Have a lovely weekend Year One and I will see you all very soon!


Mrs Greer xx


Thursday 2nd July


Hello Year 1


What a rainy few days we have been having lately! How have you been getting on with your rain gauges? They will certainly be useful at the moment!


I have had a lovely few days telephoning parents and carers and finding out what lovely things you have been doing at home.  I am so proud of you all for being so determined and resilient during your time at home.  I know it is not easy sometimes but you are all doing so well!

You are all nearly ready for your next adventure in Year 2 and I was over the moon when I found out that I am going to be your teacher again in September! That is just fabulous news! How exciting!


I hope you are all still enjoying the home learning on the website.  Next week’s home learning will be all about a brand new book called Nimesh the Adventurer! I know you are going to really enjoy it.  It is fun to imagine that we are all adventurers and to think about all the things we might encounter, I wonder where your imagination will take you next week…..


Have a wonderful week children and remember, you can send me an email any time and I promise to reply to you as quickly as I can!


From Mrs Greer xx


Thursday 25th June


Hello Year One


What have you been doing since last week?  I have been enjoying reading your emails and I can really tell you have been enjoying our home learning about historical explorers!  If you were an explorer, where would you go?  I would love to hear your amazing ideas!  If I was an explorer I would scuba dive in the ocean and find a sea turtle!  Could you draw me a picture of a sea turtle?  I would love to see them!


We have had lots of storms lately, have you heard them? There has been so much rain!  If you have time this week you could make a rain gauge to measure how much rain falls where you live I wonder who will get the most rain.


Have lots of fun!


Mrs Greer xx

Monday 8th June


Hello Year 1


I hope you have had a lovely half term.  I am missing you all so much and I am really looking forward to seeing you all again!


Thank you for all of your photos and videos. I know that lots of you have been doing some science experiments at home, baking cakes, making things out of boxes and tubes and some of you have been looking after your pets!  Someone in our class sent me a photo of their dog! This gave me such a good idea.  I have decided to show you photographs of my pets and maybe you could have a go at writing a description of them for me using some super adjectives!  My dog is called Rosie, she is nearly 7 years old and loves to steal socks.  She is a chocolate Labrador and is so friendly.  Pixie is my kitten, she is not even a year old yet because her first birthday is in September.  She is very cheeky and likes to steal our toast when we are not looking!

There will be some new home learning on the website for the new term.  It is all linked to our new topic all about historical explorers! I know you will enjoy it.  Don’t forget you can email me any work, pictures or any queries to


Have a lovely week

Mrs Greer xx


Wednesday 20th May 

Hello Year One


It was so lovely to speak to lots of you last week, it made me so happy! I loved speaking to you all so much that I decided to write a little poem for you all to show how much I miss you and how much I miss us all being together.  But remember children, even though we are not all together at the moment, I will see you soon.  I hope you have a wonderful half term, full of fun and adventures.


Mrs Greer xx


A Teacher

To be a teacher is to teach

To encourage, to inspire, to care

I love being your teacher

And all the fun we always share


To be a teacher is to listen

To motivate, to nurture, to guide

I love being your teacher

And being by your side


To be a teacher is to build

Confidence, resilience and belief

I love being your teacher

Though our time this year was brief


To be a teacher is to cherish

Moments of laughter, accomplishment and fun I love being your teacher

You shine far brighter than the sun


To be a teacher is to believe

In your strength, your goals, your hearts

I love being your teacher

Even when we are apart


To be a teacher is forever

All of you I hold so dear

I love being your teacher

In the class of Mrs Greer

Wednesday 13th May 


Hello Year One!


Here are some more smiles that have come in from your friends!

It has been so lovely to speak to you this week, I have loved hearing about all the things you have been doing.  Lots of you have been baking, gardening, bouncing, cycling, building, crafting and playing! Some of you have been growing tomatoes and making art with painted potatoes! Lots of you have been taking part in the Great Science Share and have been making Rocket Mice! What a lot of fun you have all had! I have been in school this week having lots of fun too.  I have been planting sunflower seeds, painting rainbows, dancing, making hedgehog art and making bubble mixture!  Please keep sending in your fabulous pictures, they always make me smile! 


Have fun everyone


Mrs Greer xx

Wednesday 6th May



Hello Year One


I hope you are having lots of fun at home.  I am so excited because next week I will be in school and I will be phoning each of you.  I can’t wait to hear about all the things you have been doing!  I wonder what your bears have been up to, I hope they have not been getting into any mischief!  Thank you so much for all of your lovely smiles!  I know that you would all like to see your friend’s smiley faces so here are a selection and I will add more as I get them.


Have a lovely week!

From Mrs Greer xx 

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Year One


I have had so many lovely messages from lots of you and it has put such a big smile on my face! My smile is so big that I wanted to share it with you so my daughter drew it for me!  Please could you share your smiles with me too?  If you draw a picture of you and your smile and tweet it or email it to me (, I will put them altogether to create our whole class of smiles!  Have lots of fun.


Love from Mrs Greer xx

Thursday 23rd April


Hello Year One


I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and the lovely activities that are on our class home learning page.  I have received some emails from some of you which make me smile so much!  Rosie Rabbit is still in school because she wanted to get everything nice and tidy for when we go back.  She is such a kind, caring rabbit!  I got a message from her this morning. Have a look at the message below!


If you have any messages for her, please let me know and I will make sure she gets them!


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Greer xx

Tuesday 14th April 


Hello Lovely Year One!

What gorgeous sunny weather we have had this week! What have you been getting up to? I have been in school this week playing out in the sun and planting seeds.  I know some of you have been using your magnifying glasses to hunt for mini beasts and have sent some amazing photographs, I wonder what else you will discover with them.  Maybe you could look for some plants, trees and flowers and use your magnifying glasses to draw the different patterns you can see and look at the different parts of the plant. I would love to see some drawings of what you find.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and enjoy a lovely Easter full of fun!

Lots of Love
Mrs Greer xx

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Year One!


How are you all? I hope you are having lots and lots of fun! I am missing you so so much but I know that you will have so many things to tell me when we are all back in class and I can’t wait!


I have been very busy learning lots of new things and doing some science experiments.  I have also been doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning!


Do you remember your number bonds to 10 and 20?  Maybe you could create them using things from your home or garden and take a photograph.  I will see it if your mummy or daddy put them on Twitter for me to see!


I will write to you again next week.


Have fun


Love from Mrs Greer xx

Wednesday 25th March


Hello Year One!!


I hope you are all having lots of fun at home and that your bears are investigating lots of things around the house!  Remember to fill in their books so that when we are all back at school, you can tell us all about their investigations! They love a story at the end of the day too, so please read to them to send them off to sleep after their busy days!

I have been busy too planning lots of activities for you and also getting things ready for when we all get back to school.  

My children love animals and have been keeping an eye on the tigers, pandas and koala bears at Edinburgh Zoo!  We have been able to do this without actually going to the zoo because Edinburgh Zoo have set up some special cameras to let us all see the animals from home!  Koala Bears are my favourite animal! It is so exciting, ask your grown up to find them on the internet at and have a look for yourself!


I will be in touch again soon

Have fun :-)

Love from Mrs Greer