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Mrs Meehan

Friday 10th July 


Hello Children,


How are you all? Have you all had another lovely week? Who has been busy making chocolate this week? I hope you have been having lots of fun and you haven’t been making too much mess in the kitchen (Sorry to the grownups if you have!)

So, you all found out last Friday who your new teacher is going to be Miss Marshall, she is such a lovely teacher and I know you are going to really love being in her class. I have been talking to her this week and I have been telling her all about you. I have been telling her about all the things you like, the ways in which you learn and I have also been showing her some of your work. I have told her what a wonderful class you are and how much I love you and she has told me that she is going to take good care of you when you get over to the juniors. I know some of you are a little nervous and that is okay, but you really do have such a nice teacher and you are going to love being in her class, so you do not need to worry.


Miss Marshall has told me that they have been busy making a special video of the school to show you very soon- so keep your eyes peeled.


I know things have been very different for you all this year and I know sometimes it can feel very strange not being back in school, but I am still always here for you. You can email me any time of day.


Keep smiling my wonderful class. I miss you all so much.


Lots of love. Big hugs and a huge smiley face.

Love Mrs Meehan xxxxx

Thursday 2nd July



Hello Children,


I cannot believe it is Thursday again and another week has gone by!


Well… what happened to our beautiful sunshine? I can’t believe that the weather has changed so much. Last week I had my sandals and sunglasses on, and this week I have my wellies and hat on. I think I preferred last week’s weather! Can someone speak to the sun and ask him to come back please? You know how I love the sun!

What has everyone been up to this week? Have you managed to do some of the chocolate activities I have set? I have loved some of the machines you have sent me from last week. You have come up with some amazing ideas. I have seen machines that can recycle chocolate, machines that can make you fly when you eat the chocolate and also wonderful machines that could make bubble gum with chocolate and ice cream inside. You all have such amazing imaginations.

Have any of you managed to do some of the activities I set last week. Have you managed to colour a rainbow? Once you have completed it please will you send them over to me by email.

I have got a new challenge for you this week. I would like you all to learn a new song. At the end of year 2 we always learn a special song. This year our song is ‘We’re all in this together’ from High school musical. You will find the links to the song and dance below. You could learn the song and also make up some dance moves if you would like. Please will you then send me some videos of you singing and dancing? This will really cheer me up and I would like to make a special video for you, for the end of the year. Don’t worry if you don’t want to do a video. It is absolutely fine. 


Learn the words using this YouTube Link:


Learn the dance moves using this YouTube Link:

This week I thought I would tell you something special that has happened to Arabella. I know you like to hear about what she has been up to. Yesterday she spelt out her name on her own, without help from myself or her daddy, and then she wrote her name down on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to let me know about all the achievements you have accomplished whist at home. I bet the tooth fairy has been busy during this lockdown. How many teeth have you all lost?

I still miss you lots and lots and I think about you every day. Don’t forget I am still your teacher and I still believe in you.


Lots of love to you all,

Mrs Meehan xxx

Thursday 25th June

Hello to all my lovely children,


How are you? What have you been up to? How lovely is this weather! Have you all been on some nice walks? I bet some of you have been having BBQ’s and diving in your paddling pools.

 I have been trying to get home a little earlier so I can take Arabella to the park everyday- she is learning how to ride her balance bike and she is doing wonderfully.

I wonder how many of you have learnt lots of new skills over the last few weeks. Please email me and let me know if you have done something that you are really proud of. I would love to see.


I am missing you all terribly. I think about you all every day and I am always thinking about all the lovely things we used to get up to.


Do you think you could help me with a few surprises I have planned for you?


Activity 1: Please can you decorate a rainbow - the template is in our home learning, year 2 tab. It can be coloured, painted or made into a collage- it’s up to you!  Then can you ask a grown up to take a photo of you holding the rainbow (I just need the top half of your body in the photograph. Hold the rainbow in front of your chest so I can see your smiley face!)


Activity 2: Talk to your grown up about the type of job you might like to do when you are older. Then can you write the name of the job on the blackboard that I have saved in our home learning, year 2 tab. If possible, write the job title in a shiny pen (if you haven’t got a silver or gold pen you could write the job title on a white piece of paper and stick it in the middle of the chalk board). Please ask a grown up to take a photo, just like the rainbow photograph.


Next I would like you to email me both photographs. I can’t tell you right now what I am going to use them for however I am sure you are going to really love it!


I can’t wait to see all your finished activities.

Lots of love and a big hug.


Mrs Meehan xxx

Monday 8th June


Hello Year 2,


I hope you are all okay and you have had a wonderful break with your families. What has happened to the sunshine? Let’s hope it returns very soon. I am missing you all so much and I think about you all every day.

As today is the start of a new term we have put some new activities on our website for you. You will also find lots of activities linked to our new topic; Where in the world did your chocolate come from?

Don’t forget you and your grown-ups can continue to send me work or ask me questions through my email.

I do look forward to your messages and they always put a smile on my face.


Love to you all,

Mrs Meehan xx

Wednesday 20th May


Hello Children,


My goodness- how have we made it to half term? This term seems to have flown by. Although, some days have gone very slowly for me. Have you found the same?
I cannot tell you how much I am missing you. I miss all your little faces, I miss your smiles, your laughs and your little voices saying ‘Misssssssssss’ !  Most of all, I miss teaching you. I miss your faces lighting up when you understood something and the laughs we had when I would jump around the room telling a story.  It is okay to feel sad at times- I feel sad too sometimes, but then, what I do is I think about all the fun we had. I think about all the fun games we played, I think about the stories we read such as The Twits- which used to always make me giggle. I think about play time when we used to play duck, duck goose and then I feel happy again. And soon, before we know it you will be back with your wonderful class and you will be a team again. I can’t wait for that day.

I was talking to an elderly lady the other day on one of my walks and she was telling me how she missed her family and friends as she wasn’t able to see them at the moment - she was saying that she just missed talking to people. It made me think about other people that are maybe missing their friends and family. Can we do a challenge together over the holidays? Whenever we are out for a walk- can we say hello to people that we pass by or give them a wave? It just might put a smile on their face and cheer up their day. They might not always reply but it might be just what they needed.
I think you will be great at this as you are all kind and loving.

I hope you are all still being wonderful for your grown ups. They have all been messaging me to let me know how you are getting on and it really does make my day. Today me and Bella went to the river with our wellies. We collected rocks and had a competition to see how far we could throw them. We had lots of fun. Keep sending me emails to let me know about the fun things you have been doing. I know some of you have had parties for your family, have been growing plants and some of you have also had presents from your grown ups because they are so proud of you.

Keep smiling my wonderful class.

Lots of love to you all,
Mrs Meehan xx

Wednesday 13th May


Hello Children,

It is my favourite time of the week when I get to sit down and write my special message to my wonderful class. I have been thinking about you all a lot this week and I decided to write you a poem to show you how much I love and miss you. You all know how much I love to write so I wanted to share this with you.

I hope you and your families are all okay and you are still having lots of fun. I have loved all your emails that you and your grown ups have been sending me, it really puts a smile on my face.


Enjoy the poem and please continue to message me whenever you want.


Lots of love and hugs,

Mrs Meehan xx


A poem to my special class

Some special words from me to you to show you how I care.

Telling you just what you mean to me each and every day.

All the classrooms might be quiet now but your spirits are still with me.

Love will keep us going in this tricky little time.

You are always in my thoughts as each day goes by.

Hopeful that we can soon be together to laugh and sing and play.

If you’re feeling sad please look outside and look up at the clouds.

Leave a special message and it will drift along to me.

Let’s keep big smiles on our faces and fill the room with laughter.


 I  love you all so very much

Nothing will ever change that.

For now I cannot see you, but I am still your teacher.

And I always will be

Nothing will ever change that,

Tonight I will leave a message in the stars

Saying how much you mean to me and I hate to be apart.

Wednesday 6th May


Hi Children,


How are we all this week? Are we all still very busy at home? What have you been getting up to?


Don’t forget you could send me a little email telling me what you have been getting up to as I would love to know. Some of you have already sent me some lovely pictures of you dancing, painting rabbit hutches and I have seen some incredible work. It makes my day when I see your faces and see what you are getting up to.


This week I am at home with my family. Arabella is keeping me very busy. Today we have been on a lovely long walk and now we are just sitting down to have a little bit of lunch before we bake some cookies. Have any of you done some baking?


I hope you have been getting outside this week as the weather is looking a little better. Is anyone still doing the Joe Wicks workout? I can only get half way through and then I am out of breath!


Please continue to work hard for your grown ups and keep those big smiles on your faces.


I miss you so so much.


Lots of love and a huge hug.


Mrs Meehan xx 


Wednesday 29th April


Hello to my wonderful class,


Oh my goodness I miss you!

I wake up every morning and think about you all. I think about all the lovely things you are doing with your grown ups and I can not wait to hear about all the adventures you have been on.


Does anybody know what happened to the sun? Where has it gone? I think we need to say a magical spell to get it back again because I was really enjoying playing out and going on long walks. If we all shout ''Come back sun!'' together, it just might work. 


I have seen some incredible work from you this week. You have all been working hard on your Meerkat mail writing. I loved the pies that some of you designed for Sunny- although I don't think I would want to eat them. I have also seen some of you working hard on your spelling too. All this hard work is just fabulous and you are making me so proud. When we get back to school I will be giving you all one of my Star awards and I will make sure my treat box is filled to the brim.


It has also been lovely to hear that some of you have been baking, building and making some incredible models. I can not believe how creative you are. I made a cake yesterday with Arabella and it was rather yummy! 


Please keep those big smiles on your faces. I am picturing them all now and I am sending you the biggest cuddle.


Lots of love to you all.


Love Mrs Meehan xx

Thursday 23rd April


Hello Children, 


How are we all? What have we all been up to? I bet you have all been enjoying this beautiful weather. I can not believe how lucky we have been.

This week I have been at school with some of the children. It has been lovely to see some of your faces. I have also been ringing your grown ups and they have been telling me what you have been getting up to. Some of you have been learning new skills like French and learning how to play the piano, others have been having sleep overs in tents and in the garden and some of you have been going on exciting bike rides and long adventure walks.  One thing all your grown ups told me was that they are all really proud of you and have told me that you are all trying really hard and this makes me really really proud. 

I have also loved talking to some of you this week, hearing your voices put the biggest smile on my face and really made my week. I can't believe how many of you have lost teeth this week. The tooth fairy is going to be very busy!


Arabella has been with her Daddy this week. She is learning how to ride the balance bike and how to skip with a skipping rope. She is having lots of fun. We also moved house last week so we have been busy setting up our new home and going on lots of long walks.


Keep having lots of fun at home. Enjoy making lots of new things and if you can do a little bit of work that would be amazing. Don't forget to send me lots of pictures because I love to see what you have been up to. I miss you more and more each day but I know you are having a wonderful time at home.


Lots of love to you all,


Mrs Meehan xx

Tuesday 14th April 

Hi Children,


Well hasn't the weather been lovely this week?! I bet you have all been outside having lots of fun. I know I have.


This week I have been busy making Easter cards and pictures to send to Arabella's grandparents and I have also been making lot of arts and crafts using the nature around us. I can't wait to hear about the fun you have been having.


I hope you are enjoying your Easter holidays. Keep looking out for that cheeky Easter bunny hopping about. He will be checking you are making those excellent choices for your grown ups. Please make sure you bring back some of your eggs to share with me. 🙂 


I am still missing you lots. I can't believe I haven't seen you for over 3 weeks. I am sending over the biggest hug to you all and a huge Mrs Meehan smile. Keep having fun. 

Speak to you next week.


Mrs Meehan xxxxx 🙂


Wednesday 1st April 


Good morning Children, oh how I miss saying that to you every morning and seeing your big beaming smiles looking back at me. 


It is very strange not seeing your lovely faces but I know that you will all be having so much fun at home with your grown ups that are busy planning lots of fun activities for you to do. I bet you are all enjoying staying in your pyjamas each morning. 🙂


This week I have been at home with my little Arabella. She is keeping me very busy. We have been baking, making, counting and riding her bike. She has made me very tired. She loves to hear stories about my class and it has been lovely to show her some of your excellent work that you have been sending me. Please keep showing me your work it really puts a smile on my face each day. 


I am sending over extra cuddles to you all and a huge firework!!!!!


Lots of love


Mrs Meehan xx

Wednesday 25th March 


Hi Children,


I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunshine. I have seen lots of pictures of you working so terribly hard with your grown ups.  I am missing you lots but I know you are having great fun. Keep working hard and keep sending me lots of pictures.


Love Mrs Meehan  xx