Stalyhill Infant School
  • Stalyhill Infant School, Stalyhill Drive,
  • Stalybridge, SK15 2TR
  • 01457 763 598

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


If you have any queries regarding your child at school, please see your child's class teacher as a first point of contact.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team  1 Mrs L Lockett - Headteacher - Safeguarding Lead
Senior Leadership Team  2 Mrs L Plant - Deputy Head - SEND
Senior Leadership Team  3 Mrs S Clark - Business Manager
Reception Team 
Picture 1 Mrs N Shockledge - Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs N Wheeler - Teacher
Picture 3 Miss J Hall - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs J Merrill - Teaching Assistant Level 4
Picture 5 Mrs N Peace - Teaching Assistant
Year 1 Team 
Picture 1 Mrs L Plant - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs D Ashley - Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs L Armstrong - Teaching Assistant Level 4
Picture 4 Mrs M Frankish - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Mrs A Wright - Teaching Assistant
Year 2 Team 
Picture 1 Mrs H Meehan - Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Picture 2 Miss A Dixon - Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs A Bain - Teaching Assistant Level 4
Picture 4 Mrs C Dolan - Teaching Assistant Level 4
Picture 5 Miss M Clegg - Teaching Assistant
Administration and Site Staff
Picture 1 Mrs S Clark - Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs J Singleton - Finance Assistant
Picture 3 Mr G Milligan - Site Manager

Midday Assistants


Mrs R Parsonage

Mrs S Patel 

Miss M Lyons 

Mrs K Kay

Miss N Brammer

Mrs K Troy

Miss F Clark

Kitchen Team 


Mrs L Armstrong

Mrs P Drabble